About Us

Our Values: Integrity, Respect, Passion, Curiosity and Perseverance

Our Vision

Help your child reach their full musical potential and achieve excellent results.

Why we do it?

  • We understand that there is not always enough time in a private instrumental lesson to cover all the material outlined in the theory workbooks for completion of an AMEB theory exam and tuition in musicianship skills. We provide this group theory and musicianship class as a solution for both music teachers and students. 

What we do:

  • Help your child become an independent thinker and apply a logical approach to solve problems;
  • Work in a collaborative learning environment to encourage students to learn from each other;
  • Develop team building skills; learn how to lead and when to be lead; and
  • Equip students to perform with confidence.

How we do it: 

  • Provide children with a fun and interactive opportunity to learn theory and musicianship skills;
  • Thrive by learning in a collaborative and supportive small group environment; and
  • Performance workshop.

What People Say

Fun filled classes of singing, clapping, movement and performance workshop.

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