AMEB Theory Workbook – To be introduced July 2019

Theory & Musicianship Classes for Primary School Students We are extremely excited to see that AMEB has finally created a coursebook for teachers and students to work through that directly correlates with the compulsory theory exams that are required for completion by all instrumentalists that undertake AMEB exams from Grade 6 and above. This is a true reflection of the

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Why is Theory and Musicianship Important?

Theory and Musicianship is learning the language of music and arguably the equivalent of learning the road rules prior to driving. What do you learn in our group classes at TrebleMakers? Ability to recognise, describe and explain basic musical terms and concepts. Understand musical notations; identify pitch classes (note names), duration (note values) and definite pitch of different music notes.

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Mini TrebleMakers at Linfield East Public School

We are delighted to offer our Mini TrebleMakers program at Linfield East Public School as part of their Creative Workshops in Term 2 2018. With the support of the P&C, we have arranged to hold our group lessons at the school for the convenience of parents before school hours. Mini TrebleMakers is a group theory and musicianship class targeted towards

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Mini TrebleMakers at Hunters Hill Public School

We are delighted to offer our Mini TrebleMakers program at Hunters Hill Public School as part of their Creative Workshops in Term 1 2018. The Mini TrebleMakers program is a fun and interactive class designed to introduce primary school children in K-Y4 to music theory and performance workshop. We combine traditional music theory with learning basic aural and rhythm skills

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How to Conquer Distractions

How to Conquer Distractions? Start your practice in the morning when your mind is fresh and free from any distractions that may arise during the day. Keep track of your practice time in your notebook. Try maintain and extend your practice duration over the course of the week in 5 minute increments. Over time, you will develop greater focus and naturally

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Master your Practice Technique

Master your Practice Technique – What is the best strategy to fix mistakes? Have you ever attended a music lesson only to receive the same advice as the previous week; that you still need to fix X,Y and Z? This can be particularly frustrating especially when you have practiced every single day for the past week. It is at this point that

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8 Strategies for Effective Instrumental Practice

8 Strategies for Effective Instrumental Practice – Beginners Practice requires consistent effort on a daily basis, patience and persistence to overcome challenges but most importantly, focus and attention to detail. It is undeniable that “practice makes perfect”. However, it is still possible to achieve excellent results with a shorter duration of practice (15 minutes). In order to execute your efficient

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