Creative Kids Vouchers

Why are creative activities such as a quality music education important for your child’s development?

Children are creatures of habit and thrive in a nurturing environment that allows them to be curious and explore new things. Developing creative skills in children at an early age gives us better creative thinkers to solve problems in new ways, invaluable soft skills that transfer into an academic environment along with the improvement in their mental well-being, leaving them with better future opportunities.

What are Creative Kids Vouchers?

The NSW Government is providing all school enrolled children between the ages of 4.5 to 18 years old with a $100 voucher per calendar year to use on registered creative activities. Parents, guardians and carers can apply for the creative kids voucher online through Service NSW. For more information regarding the fantastic Creative Kids program provided by the support of the NSW government, you can visit

As a registered Creative Kids provider, you can place your $100 voucher towards any one of our music programs. We want to create more awareness of this fantastic initiative by the government and increase the redemption rate of creative kids vouchers.  If you know someone that would love what we offer, share and recommend us to them. We love supporting friends of families that want to start a positive music journey for their child.

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