New AMEB Theory Workbook

New AMEB ‘Theory of Music’ Workbook – To be introduced July 2019

We are extremely excited that AMEB has finally created a workbook for teachers and students to work through that directly correlates with the compulsory theory exams that are required for completion by all instrumentalists that undertake AMEB exams from Grade 6 and above.

An introduction into theory and musicianship encourages confidence in students to have a holistic understanding of how to read music independently and develop good aural skills before the challenges of instrumental technique and posture become apparent. It is extremely important that time is allocated in your private music lessons in these areas so you are well prepared for these components embedded in all instrumental AMEB exams (from Grade 1 and above). This will give you confidence that you are well prepared. Understandably, you may need longer lessons with your tutor or have separate theory and musicianship lessons to have the time to cover this content.

This initiative by AMEB is a true reflection of the growing need for students to have a strong foundation in musicianship and not only instrumental technique at the commencement of their music studies. Theory and musicianship skills are so important to develop as this provides students with the confidence to independently learn new pieces at home through sight-reading the music and playing by ear, both incredibly important skills.

Don’t hesitate to introduce young students to theory and musicianship either before or in conjunction to when they commence private instrumental lessons to give your child a head start.

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