What do students love about online violin lessons?

We were surprised to see how well families adapted to online violin lessons and learn why they continue to enjoy our violin lessons through Zoom. We are now offering both online and face to face lessons to provide flexibility and accommodate more students outside of our local area.

  1. We have more time to learn as students set up and tune their instrument prior to the lesson! This has encouraged students to take more individual responsibility and for beginners to develop technical skills such as tuning their instrument which they would need in the long term.
  2. Students have more awareness of their posture as they can see how they look through the camera and adjust their position accordingly.
  3. Revise what has been learnt immediately after the lesson ends while students are focused and motivated to practice.
  4. Flexibility for students to have lessons regardless of their location.

And of course, parents continue to enjoy saving on travel time.

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