Master your Practice Technique

What are good practice strategies to fix mistakes?

Have you ever attended a music lesson only to receive the same advice as the previous week; that you still need to fix X,Y and Z? This can be particularly frustrating especially when you have practiced every single day for the past week. It is at this point that you may need to work on building a better practice strategy to fix specific mistakes so as to be in a position to perform a piece without the same mistakes in your  next lesson.

  1. Identify 3 key areas that you would like to fix during your practice,
  2. Practice playing that specific bar at least 3 times in a row perfectly,
  3. Then practice playing that bar within the context of the phrase at least 3 times in a row perfectly (e.g. the bar beforehand and the bar after),
  4. Move onto fixing the next key area and apply the same approach; and
  5. Focus on playing the whole piece to the best of your ability having fixed those 3 key areas.

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