Why Us?

Specialise in private violin tuition and small group theory & musicianship classes for students in the Sydney Lower North Shore area.
22 years of violin experience, 6 years of teaching experience and 3 years of arts administration experience.
Use my training as a qualified lawyer to apply a structured and logical approach to teaching new skills and manage goals and expectations for students.
Regarded as a highly enthusiastic and outgoing tutor that engages young students as we learn traditional music theory and musicianship skills.
Encourage each student to articulate their understanding and learn about the world of music in a nurturing environment.
Use interactive music activities and games to encourage student involvement and build confidence.
Teaching philosophy is based on the belief that all students have the ability to experience the benefits of learning music with a tutor that motivates and inspires them.

Learning Outcomes & Objectives

Develop good posture and violin technique.
Ability to recognise, describe and explain basic musical terms and concepts.
Understand musical notations; identify pitch classes (note names), duration (note values) and definite pitch of different music notes.
Learn how to clap indicated rhythms in time by counting beats and identify rhythmic patterns.
Understand and learn key signatures, time signatures, treble clef, bass clef and accidentals.
Use deductive logic to problem solve.
Develop communication skills.
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Happy Students

“Cardinia has a wonderful understanding of how to teach and keep young children engaged. She has a calming and patient attitude towards the lessons while still able to move seamlessly through her lesson plan and helping the children learn new concepts and making them stick. I recommend TrebleMakers to all young children who have an interest in music. Cardinia brings to life learning to read and creating music. Our 7 year old son looks forward to his class every week as he enjoys the interaction and learning new and interesting things about music.” Sonia R.

“My daughter enjoys Cardinia’s theory and musicianship class. I am surprised how much she has learned within a year. Cardinia is a very warm, positive, and patient teacher, the class content is well structured, students are fully engaged. Cardinia also communicates with parents well, with follow up emails after every class. I highly recommend TrebleMakers for any students who are interested in learning musicianship.” Sophia L.

“Thank you so much for being such a great violin teacher to Nicholas. I am so glad that Nicholas also joined your TrebleMakers class because ever since he started attending he has been more interested in reading music and challenging himself. His overall musical ability has improved a great deal. A lot of his improvement is the result of your keen interest to impart the knowledge. I understand music theory extends beyond being able to read sheet music so needless to say, we look forward to having Nicholas participate in the program in the years to come.” Natasha S.

“My 9 year old has been learning violin for 2 years and started TrebleMakers this year (2017). Her violin teacher has commented on the improvement in her playing since and I attribute it to the fun filled lessons she has had every weekend with Cardinia. I wish I had music theory education that was as fun, I might have gotten a lot further! Thanks Cardinia for your patience, passion and enthusiasm to see your students thrive.” Lena T.

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Cardinia loves working with children to develop each student’s musical capabilities and encourage commitment, leadership and confidence at an early age. For general enquiries and/or enrolment, please complete the online booking form and someone from our team will respond within 48 hours. Enrolment enquiries are open for our 2020 programs.